A downloadable zine

a complete list of classes in dragon quest was made for list jam 2021.

+ all ten classes (plus a secret class)
+ class tree for planning out your classes
+ "both" charts

play by yr own runes
~ nilson

It was at Dharma temple that the fighters of legend paid and prayed and emerged with new bodies and altered spirits. They took off all their clothes and swapped them around, tried on different body values and parts until they found ones that suited them. Inside the temple’s center pyramid, the fighters prayed and held the class egg. Steam rose from the stone tiles and when it cleared, the arms of Dharma opened, revealing a new fighting body designed from the prayer documents whispered within. Within this text, find each class and her associated values.

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I definitely guffawed ungraciousy.

I love it! ​That’s hilarious!