Made for Narrascope Game Jam 2020. Here's a link to my Narrascope talk on dating sims.

the earth is cursed and we're all cursed but it's nice to see people fighting for what they believe in. stay safe from the virus & allocate all your points into fighting racism. spend all your gold on locally owned businesses run by poc. the game might be a little buggy, and it might not run well in your browser. but i did the best i could.

Arrow keys - cursor
Enter/space/click - selection

Made with RPG Maker MV
feel free to contact me with your problems + downloadable version + spells

"play by your own runes" - nilson carroll 2020

see you on the other side < 3

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withRPG Maker
TagsGhosts, mothers, Narrative, RPG Maker, Short


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This was very interesting. Liked the cross-media mix of video, 2d retro-style, photography and narrative choices.  Also, the soliloquy at the beginning was authentic and so nice to hear during the pandemic.  Thanks for making this!


This is amazing. I never thought of merging real life video with rpg maker like this. The result is incredible. 

thanks for playing : ) it was the only thing i could do at this point in time


Nilson this is such a beautiful and open and close experience. I feel soothed and at the same time uneasy, the slow transitions and the 2D and the prayer and the melancholic exploration of a space once lived! brrrrrrrr.
Hope you're keeping okay.

thank you for the kind words & email : )