arrow keys, 'z' to confirm/talk
20 - 30 minutes
made for glitches are queer jam 2020
play in browser or download (less loading).
"wanna join my gang?"

recently featured in the melbourne queer games festival
& kritiqal's be a better cyberpunk bundle < 3
& indiepocalypse ~

lots of words about queer glitches + some nes visuals

 <<i send a special prayer for the queer souls in chechnya>>

swampbabes queer game art collective

"play by your own runes"
~ nilson

plug-in credits: Hudell, Galv, Hime + Aloe Guvner

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsartgame, Experimental, glitch, JRPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


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How do I pass this section?

You should be able to find a key item by talking to someone/block pushing. If you get stuck on the block puzzle, you can go out and come back in. Good luck!

Oh, you're far too late: I've already completed the game!


this game is rad. a glitched up middle finger to capital-backed authority and cisheteropatriarchy, dense with irreverent humor and love for the magic of games. struck by how the world of the university and the activities in ti are abstracted to feel so alien and familiar at the same time. thanks for sharing this one nilson!


Woah i didnt know i could play this on my phone........... COOL

; 3


Damn, you can go to heck this is too glitchy & fun. I want to slather mayo on everything and everyone (esp the statue)! I adore the soundtrack too!


thank you : 3


Really digging the aesthetics and dialogue but after collecting 2 glitches I see nothing new to enter or interact with.

Did you encounter both police officers? Did a path open up in the south east corner of the quad?

Same issue here - pretty sure I've encountered the two police officers and am in the south east corner but the path is not unblocked

(1 edit) (-1)

huh which version are you playing? I can take a look

edit: played thru the browser and mac versions. Something weird might’ve been after you meet the cop in the upper right area, did you hit the 3 tiles and destroy the statue? The cops aren’t the main triggers, destroying the statues behind them are 

pretty late to bump this thread, but I think I have encountered the same issue / don't know how to progress. I met the cop in the upper right, but I don't know which 3 tiles to hit, I have went up and interacted with almost every tile by the police statue, and near the student center (I changed two white flashing squares one to blue and one to red, but I couldn't find the third glitch). I'm not sure if there is another interact key other than Z

Alright, let me see if I can help, there's a few different things going on (and they all have very abstract terminology lol) 

1. you leave the dorms and head to the north east area - you end up in the dining hall (you'll know you're there because you cross a bridge). 

2. In the dining hall, you need to talk to your three friends and learn three glitch techniques. There's also a guy who gives you a key.

3. Toward the entrance of the dining hall, a door to the cop statue can now be opened. You defeat the cop inside and then there are three tiles you need to step on to destroy the statue in that room. 

4. After the statue is destroyed in the dining hall, you can go to the south west of the quad and solve the puzzles in the student union, eventually you'll meet a cop in the middle and the statue too. Destroy that statue and the path to the south east in the quad should open up (the protesters should move after both statues are destroyed) - the statue in the quad is not one of the 3 that need to be destroyed to see the ending. 

Let me know if one of these steps doesn't work! (also i like the look of your own glitch games)